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Long Beach residents seeking a beautiful outdoor location for a wedding, picnic or special event can reserve a site at El Dorado Regional Park. The park also offers fishing lakes, playgrounds, a youth-group camping area, bike trails, an archery range built for the 1984 Olympic trials, a radio-controlled glider flying area, and concessions such as train rides, pony rides, hay rides, petting zoo and pedal boat rentals.

The 102.5-acre-acre El Dorado Nature Center, located within El Dorado Regional Park, gives visitors a chance to experience a genuine wildlife habitat and forget they're in the City.

Long Beach built the area in 1969 by digging lakes, forming hills and planting vegetation in an old bean field that provided cover and food for wildlife. Now the center's two lakes, stream and two miles of trails winds through grassland and forested areas that are home to foxes, gophers, turtles and hawks. Naturalist-led tours and classes, school-break science programs. Birthday party programs, nocturnal walks, stargazing, National Audubon Society bird walks and special events like reptile and turtle shows bring city dwellers into the magic of nature.

Classes in gardening, photography, ornithology, writing, art, composting and vermiposting empower and inspire individuals to make the world a greener place.
image - Victor Ladd, Ladd Photography Studio

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